Module 1: Slurry Pumping 101

Objective: To provide a basic overview of pumping (water and slurry)

Session A: Pump and Pipeline Fundamentals (water)
20 minutes - G. Addie

  • Pipeline friction and static head
  • Types of pumps
  • Specific speed
  • Speed change
  • Hydraulic bearing loads
  • Pressure containment

Session B: Slurry Basics
24 minutes G. Addie

  • Slurry types
  • Solids concentration
  • Slurry properties
  • Solids deposition
  • Head and pressure

Session C: Pump Selection and the System
12 minutes R. Berry

  • How to establish head per stage in a total system
  • Determination of speed and impeller diameter
  • How speed and head relate to the system
  • Basic pump selection criteria
  • Pressure rating needs
  • Safety factors on head and power