Pump service from a single provider – KSB service for pumps and motors

KSB service specialists perform fast, professional repair work on pumps and valves of any make, and – if requested – modernise them to the latest technological standards. This also applies to explosion-proof pump sets.

Motor service Großansicht The KSB service centres not only service pumps but also check motors, applying different methods including surge voltage testing. With its comprehensive pump set service, KSB ensures safe, reliable operation of mechanical and electrical components, even of explosion-proof pump sets.

KSB’s pump and motor service includes

  • Comprehensive pump set service: qualified, fast and cost-effective repair of pumps and motors
  • Thorough inspection of all electrical components
  • Cleaning and re-impregnation of windings
  • Test runs and final electrical checks to VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies)
  • Diagnostic reports after dismantling, including suggestions for repair and optimisation
  • Collect and return service available on request

Benefits of KSB’s pump and motor service

  • One contact within KSB for the pump and motor, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Pump set needs to be shut down only for a defined period
  • Both components are transported together
  • Specialists with many years of experience and manufacturer know-how ensure safety and reliability
  • As-new warranty for all repaired items
  • Transparency is maintained by keeping a history file which lists all repair and modification work
  • Costs are optimised, as pump and motor services are provided by the same company
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