Here’s a big reason you can save even more energy: Etanorm

Thanks to the improved hydraulic system, our new Etanorm standardised water pump allows energy savings of 7,000 kWh per year and more. This translates into cost savings of several thousand euros and a major reduction in CO2 emissions.

Großansicht Here’s a big reason to choose us: Etanorm

The water pump most widely used in the world is the centrepiece of many plants and has been sold millions of times. From its great reliability and diversity to its efficiency – KSB's standardised water pump, Etanorm, offers many winning features. Its high reliability, smooth running and excellent suction performance ensure the unique operating reliability of the Etanorm water pump. Already today, it surpasses international and European standards like the ErP Directive on energy efficiency not due to take effect until 2015. What is more, it is available in numerous variants and material combinations as a standard, so there is an ideally suited Etanorm for every application. With new additional pump sizes, we have extended the diverse range of selection charts even further. Etanorm also is a benchmark in the market for availability and servicing. New products and spare parts can be supplied at short notice, while the pump is very easy to assemble and dismantle.

Even lower operating costs through impeller trimming

With individual impeller trimming we reduce each impeller diameter to match the optimum duty point, to further reduce operating costs.

Even more energy saved with automation solutions and high-efficiency motors

Energy costs can be additionally lowered by employing automation solutions, and by enabling variable-speed operation with PumpDrive® and IE2 motors supplied as a standard. The combination of an Etanorm water pump and a high-efficiency KSB SuPremE® motor makes you enjoy the benefits of efficiency level IE4* for electric motors already today. (* in compliance with IEC/CD 60034-30, Ed. 2)

Even more applications

Great variety of materials so that the pump can be perfectly matched to the fluid handled. The impressive range of selection charts has been further extended by additional sizes to also suit small flow rates.

Even easier to service

  • Short delivery times, straightforward assembly and dismantling

Etanorm now saves even more energy
Etanorm comes in a wide range of materials and variants
Etanorm is even easier to service
Etanorm with PumpDrive and PumpMeter
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