Etanorm SYT thermal oil pump – maximum operating reliability

Etanorm SYT thermal oil/hot water pumps handle hot water as well as mineral and synthetic thermal oils. Reliability and energy efficiency make this pump a popular choice. Etanorm SYT thermal oil pump Großansicht

KSB has further developed and technically optimised its thermal oil pumps. One of the outcomes: Etanorm SYT, an extremely reliable standardised pump to EN 733, which meets the toughest demands of handling synthetic thermal oils and keeps operating costs down.

Maximum operating reliability and high energy efficiency

The Etanorm SYT pump maintains reliable operation regardless of the fluid’s high vapour pressure, large proportion of low-boiling fractions or tendency to creep.

Pump features:

  • Highly effective venting contour ensures optimum venting.
  • Confined gaskets
  • Reinforced discharge cover design and optimised heat barrier. This means less heat is transferred to the bearing bracket.
  • Double mechanical seal for reliable operation with all thermal oils
  • Anti-seize carbon plain bearing lubricated by the fluid handled
  • Reinforced deep-groove ball bearing with special grease fill for a long service life
  • Optimised shaft contour ensures reliable removal of leakage.

Top energy efficiency is ensured by:

  • Optimised hydraulic system yielding high efficiency
  • Impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point
  • Variable-speed operation in combination with standard IE2 motor

Easy to service, many variants

The thermal oil pump is particularly easy to service due to:

  • Replaceable casing wear rings
  • Bearing brackets which are straightforward to dismantle

Etanorm SYT is also available with double mechanical seal and SiC bearings to achieve an even higher operating reliability.

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