The core values of the KSB brand

Customers around the world trust in the expertise of the KSB Group. The KSB brand stands for quality, expertise, reliability and a global perspective.

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The success of the KSB brand is based on quality, expertise, reliability and a global perspective.

KSB quality means:

  • Long-lasting products using innovative technology to meet the very highest requirements in a wide range of applications
  • Professional and exemplary performance across the board as part of KSB’s commitment to business excellence
  • Highly qualified employees

KSB expertise means:

  • Many years of experience with pumps, valves and related systems 
  • Continual broadening of knowledge through in-house research and development 
  • Application of that knowledge providing technical support to customers and supplying application-specific products and services

KSB reliability means:

  • Long tradition and high degree of stability for long-lasting partnerships 
  • Products and services that meet the very highest safety standards 
  • Reliable relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and investors

KSB’s global perspective means:

  • In-house production facilities, sales offices and service workshops on every continent 
  • Regional expertise in order to meet the requirements of each market
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